The Remarkables PSHE
Super Hero Education Pack.

It’s time to help children #BeRemarkble

The Remarkables PSHE
Super Hero Education Pack.

It’s time to help children #BeRemarkble
 “Thinkably gives children the opportunity to address a wide variety of topical issues such as bullying and racism, as well as promoting creativity and both physical and mental wellbeing.

The strength of Thinkably is its ability to remain agile and responsive to new and existing features of contemporary life. Its inception as a digital resource means it can be shared with children at any time, in any place, to help clarify their understanding and development of a world which focuses upon positivity and the best elements of humanity, within a local and global context.”

– Am Rai,
Headteacher of Montpelier School, Director of The National Teaching School at the West London Teaching Alliance and National Leader of Education

What’s Included?

lesson plans


Instant-access to our Thinkably Digital Library

The resource meets the requirements of the school PSHE curriculum delivery, corresponding to the programme of study for PSHE Education from the PSHE Association.

This easy-to-use resource will help students understand challenging, complex and relevant social issues.

Children become motivated to engage and learn about these issues, have the tools and appropriate vocabulary to engage in conversation, and are able to take away key learnings to better equip them to manage their own personal development from childhood to adulthood.




Mission-based approach, with each mission linked to PSHE learning outcomes enabling effective reporting of curriculum delivery to Ofsted.

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Through our Presenter-Led workshops, we can supplement your PSHE with expertly facilitated classroom workshops, tailored to topics and themes required.

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