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Our Partners

Our Partners

Ellig Group is a global leader in recruiting and onboarding outstanding executive talent, with an enhanced focus on diversity, for senior-level appointments and the boardroom.  Ellig Group have sponsored ‘Believe in Me’ by Summer Brennan and ‘Different’ by Lucy Brader.

Waitrose & Partners helped to develop a collection of Thinkably books around healthy eating. Dr Emma Williams, Waitrose Nutrition Manager, supported with information for six new books which are based on the government’s Eatwell Guide recommendations. Thinkably was featured in their free weekly ‘Waitrose Weekend’ newspaper and customers were offered 20% off family subscriptions.

Thinkably partnered with RPC Law Firm – a global law network with offices in the UK and Asia with 750 employees across multiple sectors and access to lawyers in over 100 countries. We utilised their expert knowledge to collaborate on ‘The Book of Law’ series. The company has paid for up to 100 of their staff to receive an annual membership to Thinkably.

Dr Julia Jones PhD (aka Dr Rock!) has written a series of children’s books with Thinkably, based on her ground-breaking books, “The Music Diet – The rock and roll route to a healthier, longer life” and “Neuron – Smart Wellness Made Easy”. Dr Rock has been featured across the BBC, Sky & the national press and has drawn on years’ of research into the effects of music exposure during youth for this collaboration with Thinkably.

In Billie’s Magical Music Diet, Billie’s Supersmart Wellness Habits and Billie’s Brilliant Food Fuels, Billie & Bobby the giraffes show children how they can improve their lives through music, wellness & healthy eating.

In October 2020, we were commissioned by the UAE Government to create a series of 6 story books for children which incorporated the following themes:

·      Reducing Device Time

·      Body Safety

·      Confidence and Self-Esteem

·      Play with Mum and Dad

·      Sharing and Compassion

·      Bullying

John Lewis ‘Partner Choice’ have commissioned two books that were written and illustrated by Thinkably: “The Virtual Monster’s Ball” for Halloween and “Betty Makes Christmas”. These books have been recorded by members of their team for their ‘Partner Choice’ intranet site and have been viewed over 3,500 times. John Lewis paid for 40 Waitrose and John Lewis staff to win an annual membership and all other staff receive a 40% discount.

Thinkably partnered with Home-Start UK, a charity which helps and supports families with young children through their challenging times. As lead sponsor on our Thinkably World Story Writing Competition, Thinkably was promoted across their community network. We are actively collaborating to offer Thinkably to their most vulnerable families, and creating a special book to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Saskia is a BACP-accredited art and play therapist specialising in working with children, having previously worked as a primary school teacher for seven years. She used to be the head of poetry at one of London’s largest primary schools and recognises the therapeutic value of using all kinds of media to help children express themselves.

Saskia believes that storytelling and using picture and text are the fastest ways to communicate an emotional idea to a child. Due to the pandemic, she offers telephone and online support for families, providing creative solutions for all manner of issues at home.

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