#BeRemarkable – Thinkably Launch The Remarkables PSHE Education Pack
By: Thinkably
On: March 23, 2022

As parents, guardians, and educators; we all have a duty to help reduce anxiety and stress in our children.

At Thinkably, our mission is to help children understand their world through our unique and vibrant Digital Library of carefully crafted children’s books.

We tackle challenging and complex topics with child-centric and age-appropriate content aligned with the school PSHE curriculum. This mission has never been more crucial to the future of our young people.

The Mental Health of Children and Young People in England study, carried out by NHS Digital, highlights the rates of probable mental disorder in young children that have increased dramatically.

  • Today, one in six school-aged children have a mental health problem… An alarming rise from one in ten, in 2004 and one in nine, in 2017.

  • There is an average 10-year delay between young people displaying first symptoms and getting help (Centre for Mental Health, 2021).

Our children are no longer worried about monsters under the bed, or what is lurking in the dark. They’re asking important questions about real-world topics and issues that affect their daily lives.

The pressure on schools, educators and childcare professionals is unmistakable. We are now social workers as much as we are educational professionals. Teachers and caregivers are already required to provide increased support to students, now addressing heightened anxieties and wellbeing concerns, not to mention the fallout from multiple lockdowns and the impacts of a global pandemic.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with industry leaders and educational professionals to design and curate our platform in a way that will help schools and educators address these requirements, ultimately providing better support for our young people. We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new PSHE Resource Pack, and here’s how it can benefit your school:

Introducing The Remarkables PSHE Super Hero Education Pack

The Remarkables PSHE Education Pack is a resource specifically for those who provide educational assistance, designed in collaboration with school leaders and teaching professionals.

The resource meets the requirements of the school PSHE curriculum delivery, corresponding to the programme of study for PSHE Education from the PSHE Association.

Using the characters from our ‘The Remarkables’ children’s book series, the resource uses a fun, imaginative, yet simple mission-based approach, with each mission linked to PSHE learning outcomes enabling effective reporting of curriculum delivery to Ofsted.

Supported by quality lesson plans, creative videos, and a plethora of instant-access children’s books on our Thinkably Digital Library, education providers will have the toolkit to effectively deliver PSHE in the classroom.

This easy-to-use resource will help students understand challenging, complex and relevant social issues. Children will become motivated to engage and learn about these issues, gain the tools and appropriate vocabulary to engage in conversation, and enable key learnings to assist personal development from childhood to adulthood.

Topics and themes covered in the PSHE education resource include:

  • Plastic in our Oceans
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image
  • Bullying
  • Extremism
  • Modern Slavery
  • Racism
  • County Lines
  • Tech Troubles
  • Health

If you would like to learn more and to sign up, simply visit our PSHE Education Resource page.

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