Introducing the Thinkably World Story Writing Competition Winner – Ho Ka Yin
By: Thinkably
On: April 25, 2022

Back in July 2021, Thinkably announced its first World Story Writing Competition – open to entries across the globe for 7-11 year olds.

The competition encouraged children to write a short story, under 1,000 words, based on the superhero book titled The Remarkables, describing a day in the life of a new character to join the vibrant and unique characters. With a theme of ‘Hidden Superpowers’, it was designed to be fun and accessible for children to allow their imagination to wander and their ideas to flow – acknowledging their own individual attributes and unique abilities, while appreciating the different ‘powers’ in others too.

It was announced that the winner would receive: 

  • An illustrated digital book of their story published on the Thinkably platform
  • 50 printed hard copies of their story turned into a physical book
  • A lifetime membership to Thinkably for their school
  • A lifetime membership to Thinkably for their family
  • A feature on the Thinkably website as a contributing author and promotion across our Thinkably social media networks

After entries closed on October 29th 2021, we finally have a winner!

9 year old, Ho Ka Yin, from Hong Kong is our winner, taking the top spot with her book titled ‘Kylie Comes To The Rescue‘. We recently spoke to Ka Yin, to ask her how she felt about winning, what her plans are for the future, and more!

 Thinkably World Story Writing Competition Winner – 9-year-old Ho Ka Yin from Hong Kong.

1.     Congratulations on winning the Thinkably Story Writing Competition! How did you feel when you first found out you were the winner?
“I was over the moon.  I cannot believe my ears when my mum told me I was the winner of the Thinkably Story Writing Competition.”
2.     What did your friends and family say when you told them you had won?
“They all congratulated me when I told them I had won. I even told my class teacher, and she told me she will tell her daughter my story as a bedtime story.” 
3.     What inspired you to write the book, and where did you get your inspiration from when writing?
“Things surrounding me like the pop-it toy I have inspired me to write the book, and I got my inspiration from books I had read too.” 
4.     How do you feel now you have physical copies of your book, and to see your book on the Thinkably platform being read by children around the world?
“I feel very thrilled, because my own book can be read by other people. I can also share my happiness by giving some of my books to my friends.”
5.     Have you always wanted to become an author?
“When I was small, I didn’t want to be an author and I didn’t like writing stories, but as I am growing up, I like writing stories and want to be a famous author.”
6.     Who are your favourite authors?
“My favourite authors are J.K. Rowling and Chris Colfer.”
7.     What is your favourite genre of children’s books?
“My favourite genre of children’s books is fantasy.”
8.     Are you still writing stories? If so, what is your latest story about?
“I am still writing some stories. I have written books called The Worst Parents In The World, The Best Parents In The World, and The Land of Unicorns, Rabbits and Cats.”
9.     Why do you think Thinkably is a great platform for children? 
“I think Thinkably is a great platform for children because everyone can read books of different kinds. Some books are animated and have audio soundtracks. That is great for everyone.”

Congratulations once again to Ka Yin and her wonderful book, which was a worthy winner. 

Thank you to all those who entered this competition last year – it was truly wonderful to read all the amazing stories you submitted, but unfortunately, there can be only one winner! It gives us great pleasure knowing that there are so many talented authors coming through.

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